Our Process

As we begin to work together to sustain and improve your financial future, here's what you can expect:

  1. Get Acquainted. We'll schedule a complimentary initial meeting. You can ask questions about our qualifications and services. You'll fill me in on your current circumstances and goals. Finally, you'll decide whether FSI has what you're looking for in a financial advisor. Again, there is no charge for this initial consultation.
  2. Your Profile. When you join the FSI family, we will gather your relevant financial and personal data and design a plan for you. If you already have an investment portfolio, we will evaluate it and make recommendations as needed.
  3. Your Plan. To help you meet your goals, we will prepare your personal financial analysis, which will include scenario planning through age 100. Or, If you choose, for a reasonable fee, we will prepare a very detailed and comprehensive financial plan including estate planning and other elements.
  4. Your Portfolio. If you choose us to be your asset manager, we will design a portfolio to meet your specific financial goals and objectives. After consulting with you, we will implement and actively manage this "tailor-made" portfolio.
  5. Your Future. We will communicate with you on an ongoing basis. When your circumstances change (as they do for all of us), we will be there to help you adjust.