Life Stages

Over the years, we've found that, regardless of age, questions about the financial complexities of the modern world abound.

I'm in my 20s

What kinds of insurance should I have—health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, etc.—and how much of each? Why is my take-home pay so much less than my salary? Should I be saving for retirement already? If so, how much should I be setting aside? What's a safe amount of debt? Is all debt—credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, etc.—the same? How do I make a budget? How much should I have set aside as an emergency fund? Read more >>

I'm in my 30s

Should I pay down my mortgage as fast as possible? Is it OK to carry credit-card debt? What's more important: saving for retirement or saving for college? How should I diversify my investments? How much life insurance should I have on myself, my spouse, and my kids? Is it time for me to draw up my will? Does my spouse need one too? Read more >>

I'm in my 40s

What if I'm only starting my financial planning now? Am I on track with my college and retirement goals? Do I need to accelerate my savings? What's a smart investment mix for my situation? Who should I name as my beneficiaries? Do I need powers of attorney and a living will? If I change jobs, what should I do with my 401(k)? IRAs: Roth or traditional? Read more >>

I'm in my 50s

Am I on track with my retirement goals? Do I need to accelerate my savings? Is my portfolio too aggressive? Not aggressive enough? Since the kids have moved out and our mortgage payments are no longer a challenge, should I reduce my life insurance coverage? Given my health, how much longer am I likely to work (and live)? Is it time to start thinking about my estate planning? Should we downsize during (or before) retirement? Read more >>

I'm in my 60s

Should I take Social Security early or late? Should I plan a specific retirement date? What are my options for withdrawing from my retirement savings? Do I want to (or need to) continue to work? What will my expenses be like during retirement? Will Medicare cover all of my medical expenses? How should I realign my portfolio? How can I consolidate and simplify my finances? Should I consider an annuity? Is long-term care insurance appropriate? Read more >>

I'm in my 70s or older

Will I outlive my savings? When and how much am I required to withdraw? How often should I rebalance my investments? How often should I review my will? My estate plan? My budget? My insurance profile? Does it make sense to covert my traditional IRA to a Roth? Read more >>