Free Consultation

Just by contacting us, and taking this first crucial step in your financial plan, you are entitled to meet with us without cost or obligation.

This introductory meeting can be the start of a comprehensive analysis of the current circumstances of you and your family, your goals and aspirations, and a recommended path to achieving them. In fact, this is how many of our current clients began with us.

While we do recommend that you bring to this meeting as much financial information and records as you're comfortable with, it's important to note this this is not mandatory.

In fact, this first meeting can be as simple as a "get to know you" session-- where you can ask questions about our qualifications and services, and we can provide you with both an overview of our procedures and a "feel" for what it's like to work with us.

Our primary concern with regard to our clients is that working with us brings comfort rather than anxiety, beginning with this first meeting.

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